Fall updates No.01

 LA Weekly's 'A Rough Guide To Mexican Restaurants'  Link
LA Weekly’s ‘A Rough Guide To Mexican Restaurants’ Link

Dear Jorge

OMG… please forgive me for long time no blogging… but I know you understood! 🙂

After having an amazing time in New York, I returned to my motherland shortly, and my entire family and I went to Singapore for a vacation! Singapore was so beautiful city that I definitely want to revisit in the near future, and we went to a resort in Indonesia as well! – So the entire summer of 2016 was completely successful!!!

But I gotta come back to the reality, and when the wind whispered ” It’s already fall!” – I woke up from the long summer dreams and realized it’s time to make money for living & next vacation!

So here what I did from the rest of the summer.

 Cincinnati Magazine's Tableside column for September issue  Link
Cincinnati Magazine’s Tableside column for September issue Link
 For 8x8 magazine's issue #09 about Pierre Emerick Aubameyang , a football player who plays for Borussia Dortmund in Germany. 
For 8×8 magazine’s issue #09 about Pierre Emerick Aubameyang , a football player who plays for Borussia Dortmund in Germany. 
 For Newsweek Polska about Rio 2016  Link
For Newsweek Polska about Rio 2016 Link
 A sample of Children's book spread from a Korean publisher's request
A sample of Children’s book spread from a Korean publisher’s request

Thanks to all the ADs for the pieces above, and I really enjoyed working on each.

Let me tell you more about my latest work from the next post!




GQ Korea June issue!

Here’s my first EVER time work with Korean Magazine!

GQ Korea liked my work for 8×8 mag, and contacted me to illustrate an article about South Korean baseball players in the major leagues. Link , Link , Link

It was fun time to work with Korean mag, especially GQ which I’ve worked with USA version for years.

Thanks for finding me and victory to my MLB people who I drew in the illo!

8 by 8 issue # 01 & 02, and Grantland


Glad to work for the 8 by 8’s issue #02! is available for Pre-Order: www.8by8mag.com/shop

Below has the illos I did for the issue, and was about ‘The Battle of Santiago’ during the 1962 World Cup. A match that was “the most stupid, appalling, disgusting and disgraceful exhibition of football possibly in the history of the game”.

Read the story HERE


Super nice layout with the fonts! 8×8 is the most beautifully designed magazine I’ve ever saw!


Look at the referee Kenneth Aston!




I forgot to post the work I did for the issue #01 here. I created an image of a Belgian footballer Marouane Fellaini who plays soccer in England as a giant black poodle.


Here’s the quick illos for the Gratland.com last Wednesday. It was about the NBA in the Philippines. Read the story HERE

JRoh_philippines_final01JRoh_philippines_final02-03** Special thanks to 8 x 8’s Priest + Grace, and Grantland’s Juliet!**

Wimbledon, Hockey, Jogging, Spring and Portraits!


It’s always super fun to work for the sport themes, especially for Grantland!

Here’s a new piece for the Grantland Quarterly issue # 5 ( book image is below).grantlandquarterly05The story is about ‘The Death’s-head of Wimbledon’ and I became a visitor in London. Link


This piece is also for Grantland.com Link


Another fun piece for the Stranger – A woman imagined one day she had huge breasts. Link

07finalBonus – Miss Eggplant is waiting for Spring.


Portraits of my dad & mom for their wedding anniversary. 😉