Prinker – Temporary Tattoo Solution

If you are wondering what PRINKER is, please watch these videos. (You’ve probably never seen this device before ) It was one of the greatest Korean inventions and only for B2B for now)

I signed a contract with Prinker in Nov 2018 to create 30 tattoo designs, and I’ve been working on the designs since then.

I was interested in developing tattoo images because of my strong line works, but Prinker’s designs needed more than just good drawings.

The designs required to be in a limited size which was a short height, and a long width, (8100pix x 1080pix). Moreover, there’s no pure white and black ink in the device, and colors made out of C,M,Y cosmetic inks.

And the most important/hardest thing was that tattoo designs have to stick out of skin!

So some of them could be switched to new designs, but here are my tattoo designs for Prinker ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎

 When Prinker was delivered to me it looked like this.
When Prinker was delivered to me it looked like this.
 Lovely box!
Lovely box!

I experimented until I got the right designs, so I’ve tried million times on my skin, my family’s and my students’.

Check out below and happy 2019!! Hopefully Prinker on your skin soon! 🙂

 Bonus - Happy 2019, Linocut
Bonus – Happy 2019, Linocut