NY Times Gallery 7 Townies Exhibition & Miss Eggplant

7E8FA1FF-8DC4-40FD-844D-20FE072B18FFThe New York Times’s Gallery 7 has an exhibition of illustration from the Op-Ed blog Townies on Feb 7, 2013.

Wesley Allsbrook  +  Drew Beckmeyer  +  Chi Birmingham  +  Harry Campbell  +  João Fazenda  +  Golden Cosmos  +  Jon Han  +  Bendik Kaltenborn  +  Yann Kebbi  +  Tatsuro Kiuchi  +  Aidan Koch   +  Patrick Leger  +  Bjørn Rune Lie  +  Jon McNaught  +  Wendy MacNaughton  +  Bénédicte Muller  +  Roman Muradov  +  Ryan Peltier  +  Emiliano Ponzi  +  Jungyeon Roh  +  Guido Scarabottolo  +  Dadu Shin  +  Esther Pearl Watson  +  Jing Wei  +  Sarah Williamson  +  Paul Windle  +  JooHee Yoon  +  Olimpia Zagnoli
Thanks for having me and the below images are my Townies series for being a Korean/Chinese girl living in NYC. (Columns by Mary H.K. Choi)


And, Miss Eggplant is telling her stories again with inspiring life photos and drawings in here- http://jroheggplant.tumblr.com/

Here’s the first story, Forget me not.

Hope you like it!