Spring came?…

Dear Jorge

How are you? Hope your window was open and mixed spring scents came through it.

Here, I felt spring one day, and the other day it went away that made everyone confused of what their dresses should look.

But almost Spring! 

Spring is always sweet like Haribo and Jelly Belly. 😉 Oh, don’t forget Trolli!!!

Allie brought me enough Lululemon (one thing that Korea bothers me is here’s no Lululemon stores…You knew that I’m a big Lulu girl…) from her trip and some Ariel pins from Disney World. I chose Ariel with no doubt.

Anyways, here’s my latest cover for the California Real Estate Magazine‘s March/April issue.

AD Nancy liked my Ray-Ban piece, and she asked me to create a similar image for the cover!

I was glad that the concept was a good match for the story. Thanks again Nancy!

And even though I’m Christian, I enjoyed drawing Buddha images as a significant symbol of Asian culture.

This time, there’s a new project named Buddhist Insights a non-profit connecting lay people and monastics that aims to facilitate access to authentic Buddhist teachings free of charge to the public.

They asked to use my Desire Series image, and soon, people can buy my art through them.

Desire Series was pretty ambitious project for me, and I still have some silkscreen prints – Maybe it’s the perfect time for them!

This week, I got two deadlines that I have to draw people’s portraits again.

Can’t wait to show you, and I might ask you to buy a copy of the NYT when my art came out! Please keep it for me? 🙂 ( I recently lost several NYT assignments by unintentional accident, so this time was more precious for me!)

Ok, Take care until I write again and enjoy your day!



ps. I’m doing paintings these days. I’ll keep developing it, so you can expect something in near future 🙂

Alcalde Magazine’s May/June issue cover, opener and more!

I was working pretty hard for the virtual reality project from Alcalde Magazine! Thanks a lot to AD Kate, and here’s the process.


They made the cover as a moving image! looks so good! Link

Alcalde_MayJune15_CoverFinal cover  JR-4737-final05I was working on the masthead to see which one is better.

JR-4737-idea01Idea sketch

JR-4718-finalOpener – In the future, people will wear virtual reality headsets like using cell phones these days.

IMG_4705sketch process   037_AlcMayJun_15036_AlcMayJun_15

Final images

JR-wonderw-finalAnd here’s a Wonder Woman for Grantland. Thanks AD Linsey! Link

IMG_5067An angry wonder woman came to my studio the next day.


This 8×8 image was selected into American Illustration 34! Find my image at the book and the party in November! Link


This is a sneak peek of my new project. Probably I need to say good-bye to Miss Eggplant and say-hello to something NEW soon!