AI 32 Live Cover Project

The last Sunday of October, I was invited to be a part of the AI 32 Live Cover Project from American Illustration.
The subject was ‘Human Figure’ directed under Richard Turley, creative director at Bloomberg Businessweek,and we(about twenty for Sunday, total forty-five artists, illustrators, art directors, and designers) got seven hours including lunch time to finish 10-15 books.

I decided to draw from the live models who came that day, and the theme of my books was ‘Comic Panels’. So the left side had a part of human body, and the right side had a speech balloon.

I finished 12 books in total. Here’s the images.

IMG_4060The front covers – three different shapes

JungyeonRoh1JungyeonRoh11The female model face

JungyeonRoh12her boob

JungyeonRoh2Her elbow

JungyeonRoh7Her hands

IMG_4077Me, work in progress – busy busy!!

JungyeonRoh10Her thighs

JungyeonRoh3Her foot

JungyeonRoh9Her back

JungyeonRoh5The male model face

JungyeonRoh4His left torso

JungyeonRoh6His right torso

JungyeonRoh13His hand

JungyeonRoh8his foot

IMG_4078Me, signed to the finished books.

IMG_4070Finally done!

Check out the making video here-

American Illustration 32 LIVE Cover Project from American Illustration on Vimeo.

And you can see all other amazing covers here

Everyone who was participated in this project was very serious because of the limited time, so I had to continuously sip wine for making my hands faster. And of course, it helped me to be done in time!

Thanks again to AI, and hope some people who received my books were happy! 🙂

Links about the project;

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