Ray Ban Soho NYC store, IPCNY and more!

I love winter! but I love summer more maybe because it’s hot and I drew three big beach scenes so far for various clients!  I’ve been wearing Ray Ban sunglasses all my life, and couldn’t enjoy more when I created this fun Justin + Erika project! Thanks to AD Bastien + Marjorie and Publicis Paris agency!

Ray Ban’s fabulous hub in Soho at 116 Wooster st. was finally opened in the middle of November 2015, so if you were in New York area, don’t miss to wander throughout Ray-Ban’s hub! ( and check out my work there too!)


Another news, My Urban Jungle Yogini book was lucky enough to be included in IPCNY‘s Commedia: New Prints 2015/ Autumn! On view is Nov 19,2015 to Jan 16,2016, so after seeing my work at 116 Wooster st., make sure heading to Chelsea’s IPCNY gallery to see my new book with 3D glasses at 508 West 26th st. 5th fl.!


photo credit: Aram Kim

Lastly, here’s my latest editorial pieces!!!


This one was for Newsweek‘s Two Numbers: Bacon Is Carcinogenic, but So Is the Air You Breathe.

Thanks to AD Jessica!JR-band-finalAnd this one was for Eight by eight‘s issue #7! I drew Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, Alex Lalas and Clint Dempsey as an American alternative country band.

Thanks to Priest + Grace again!

JR-5010-finalThe last piece was for The Hollywood Reporter‘s Dec 11 issue! I drew ‘How Healers Became the New Gurus of Hollywood’

Thanks to AD Nicholas!

Hope you enjoy and see you soon!! 🙂



Hello Fall!

To celebrate NYC Honey week, my poster for Rockaway Summer became a six square feet photo booth at Rockaway Beach 97th! I just simply drew a bee for it, and people made look even better and fun!

See all the photos HERE. Thanks again to Giovanna!

10704227_1463714877235104_7382450931590880299_oScreen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.35.37 AM885919_1463714743901784_240260521271698710_o10685567_1461117190828206_1998556926485439483_n10655371_10153171571128709_4418881328794955904_oJR-4511-final04I worked for Swiss fashion Magazine Annabelle’s funny column in issue #16. It was about ‘Perceptions of Female Attractiveness Around the World’.


‘Barn to Bun’ for Atalnata Magazine’s September issue!


Two Numbers section illo for Newsweek.


NYT Travel section illo. Glad to work again with AD Shannon!

BluecokeBonus – A blue coke for Miss Eggplant!

Summer 2014 illos!


I was asked from Giovanna Maselli ,who is a NYC-based writer/editor for renowned magazines, to be a part of a project for the Rockaway Peninsula in NYC, called “Rockaway Summer“.

This project was with David Selig. Klaus Biesenbach from MoMa, Patti Smith and other local people are also involved, as well as V Magazine’s team headed by Cecilia Dean.

The poster was about Rockaway Summer will act as a guide for locals and visitors on events happening throughout the peninsula, but also on hidden treasures like its local flora and fauna, local people.

Hope my poster helped the awesome project!


A pair of squeaky hunting boots for Outdoor Life‘s August issueJR-4352-final

Proto Magazine: Massacuusetts General Hospital Dispatches From the Frontiers of Medicine’s Summer 2014 issue Link


Eastbound & Down illo for the latest Grantland Quarterly

JR-DB-final02A deflated basketball for today’s Grantland Link


Yu Darvish and his translator for Grantland Link


IMG_2338The use of antibiotics in farm animals for the NY Times Op-ed Letters Link

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.23.55 PM


Controlling your smart home with one hub for the NY Times Business Link


_mi-illustration-now-5_04472-179TASCHEN‘s Illustration Now! 5 finally hits stores! Here’s a spread about me and my work. green

The last illo for a monthy collaboration project with one of my good friends Aram Kim. Link

** Thanks very much to all my ADs who work with me in this cool summer 2014!**

Back in NYC!

I’m back in NYC from this year’s long trip from Korea to US West Coast.

It was an unforgettable time, and hopefully share my memories & experiences with my future works!

Here’s some works I haven’t been posted up on my blog.


A portrait of Tommy “Tiny” Lister for Grantland Link

JRoh_middleschool_finalTuesday Night Lights: ‘Coach, I’m Allowed to Tackle When I Play Safety, Right?’ for the Grantland Quarterly issue #10JRoh_Ebert_final

A  portrait of Roger Ebert for famous boxing trainer Angelo Dundee’s collection of obituaries. – for Grantland


LL Cool J with Brad Paisley walking down a yellow-brick-road-like road for the song “Accidental Racist” for the Grantland Quarterly issue #9

**Thanks to AD Juliet! **

JR-4413-finalComputer chips and dip for Newsweek published on May 15th. Link

** Thanks to AD Mike**final_revisedfinal-02

Unpublished pieces for the icon of Joyce Wadler who is the writer of “I Was Misinformed.” for the NY Times Style section.

**Thanks to AD Barbara**