Autumn 2014 illos!

JR-GW-final03 IMG_2746For the NY Times Op-Ed. Thanks Nathan! Link


Billy Beane in Wizard of OZ for San Francisco Magazine’s October issue. Thanks Pete! Link

JR-dpm-final01 JR-dpm-final02 JR-dpm-final03

Style section portraits for Departures Magazine. Thanks Cindi!

JRoh_JR_final600 cover_1100

I drew Martin Luther King, Jr.‘s mentor Bayard Rustin for ‘The Who, the What and the When’ book by Julia Rothman and her team.


For upcoming Grantland Quarterly issue #12. Thanks always Juliet!


Bonus – Ms. Eggplant’s costume of this Halloween!

Summer 2014 illos!


I was asked from Giovanna Maselli ,who is a NYC-based writer/editor for renowned magazines, to be a part of a project for the Rockaway Peninsula in NYC, called “Rockaway Summer“.

This project was with David Selig. Klaus Biesenbach from MoMa, Patti Smith and other local people are also involved, as well as V Magazine’s team headed by Cecilia Dean.

The poster was about Rockaway Summer will act as a guide for locals and visitors on events happening throughout the peninsula, but also on hidden treasures like its local flora and fauna, local people.

Hope my poster helped the awesome project!


A pair of squeaky hunting boots for Outdoor Life‘s August issueJR-4352-final

Proto Magazine: Massacuusetts General Hospital Dispatches From the Frontiers of Medicine’s Summer 2014 issue Link


Eastbound & Down illo for the latest Grantland Quarterly

JR-DB-final02A deflated basketball for today’s Grantland Link


Yu Darvish and his translator for Grantland Link


IMG_2338The use of antibiotics in farm animals for the NY Times Op-ed Letters Link

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.23.55 PM


Controlling your smart home with one hub for the NY Times Business Link


_mi-illustration-now-5_04472-179TASCHEN‘s Illustration Now! 5 finally hits stores! Here’s a spread about me and my work. green

The last illo for a monthy collaboration project with one of my good friends Aram Kim. Link

** Thanks very much to all my ADs who work with me in this cool summer 2014!**

Wimbledon, Hockey, Jogging, Spring and Portraits!


It’s always super fun to work for the sport themes, especially for Grantland!

Here’s a new piece for the Grantland Quarterly issue # 5 ( book image is below).grantlandquarterly05The story is about ‘The Death’s-head of Wimbledon’ and I became a visitor in London. Link


This piece is also for Link


Another fun piece for the Stranger – A woman imagined one day she had huge breasts. Link

07finalBonus – Miss Eggplant is waiting for Spring.


Portraits of my dad & mom for their wedding anniversary. 😉