happy halloween!


A piece I did for today’s NY Times Business section about the human body is in data overload. Thanks Minh for the fun direction! Link


The ‘Fold me Up’ book was delivered to me few days ago, and I was happy to finally see my vegan cootie catcher inside! This is a book of paper fortune tellers (for adults!) published by Perigee, a Penguin imprint, and will be sold as gift books at places like Urban Outfitters. Congrats to Michelle Taute for releasing another awesome book, and I bet it’ll be a great Christmas gift idea! You can purchase it online here


Urban windery tour map for Willamette Week Link

416282356_370JR-4145_final01JR-4145_final02JR-4145_final03JR-4145_final04JR-4145_final05JR-4145_final06Another set of spot illos for Cincinnati Magazine’s November issue ‘Cheap Eaters’.

Hope you enjoy these all!