The New Creation

It’s already December 2017! I can’t believe time flies sooooooooooo fast! 

I was searching for a good printmaking lab in Seoul for a while, and finally found a small Riso lab in Chungmooro which is the biggest publication area in Seoul. 

For my first Riso book, honestly I was not 100% satisfied, actually somewhat mad…. but I recalled the moment I made the first silkscreen book about 10 years ago. I was so clumsy and full of mistakes and so sad when I saw the results of the silkscreen prints. Even though I felt that I wasted of all the money and time for silkscreen, I didn’t give up. Then few months later, I made a satisfied silkscreen book finally! ( That was ‘Today is Sushi Day’) 

I believe this case is the same. so even though I’m not 100% happy with the results, I’ll never stop and keep doing the Riso! 

This semester has only one week left. I enjoyed so much of teaching for my students and was so glad seeing their better work week by week. 

Hopefully New York doesn’t forget about me as much as I missed the city.

But now I compared the life I had in New York and Seoul, I’d like to say living in Seoul is much better because I’m not a stranger/foreigner/alien in this city that is very important matter for one’s life quality. 

I hope this book became a good start of my NEW printmaking life in Seoul. I used the color of Dark Purple which is the Pantone color of the year for 2018 and also Yellow, which is the Chinese year of the yellow dog for 2018. This is a funny story that the future Adam and Eve met Trump and Kim Jong-Un, then made “the New Creation”. I wanted to criticize the present and future’s important and biggest matters with my humors of drawings based on the stories of the bible. 

Hope you like it! 🙂 


Illustration Next

IMG_1883IMG_1884IMG_1886IMG_1888IMG_1890IMG_1891final02This book ‘Illustration Next’, worked with Ana and Ana, since winter 2011 and finally out last month!

“Ana Benaroya is the woman behind Illustration Next, an outstanding global survey that brings together 50 leading illustrators for an exciting collaboration project.” – Thames & Hudson Blog

So, AB asked me and Ana Albero became a team and made a collaboration about a theme FARM.

I suggested to draw sequential images about ‘A hen who laid golden eggs in a farm’ to AA, and she finished the final first and I used the same color palette.

It was a great opportunity to work with another amazing artist outside of the US, and I believe AA and I inspired one another really well.

Thanks again to AB for including me in this amazing book, and congrats to all the artists in Illustration Next!

You can buy the book on Amazon :