Special Projects

These are my participation of special projects from collaborated books to some events and exhibitions!

A Rockaway beach scene for Rockaway Summer magazine. It was used for NYC Honey week‘s photo booth Blog, and also for the 3-D on Riis Park Bathhouse panel! 2014~2015

Collaboration work with Ana Albero for Ana Benaroya’s Illustration Next book published by Thames & Hudson in 2013.
AA & I drew sequential images about a hen who laid golden eggs on a farm. Blog

For a book Fold Me Up 100 Paper Fortune-Tellers for Life’s Pressing Questions by Michelle Taute, I made a cootie catcher of ‘Should I go vegan?’. 2013, published by Perigee (Penguin Group) Blog

For a book, The Who, The What, and the When commissioned by Julia Rothman. I drew Martin Luther King Jr’s mentor Bayard Rustin. 2014

The last one was for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society art show: Waves of Change, NYC in 2013! The show was held at the Hasted Kraeutler art gallery in the West Village of Manhattan. Blog

I made a logo for Buddhist Insights website! Find some other works of mine there! 2016