H.O.T- a month left!

SVA Printshop where I spent most of my time this semester. Important elements for silkscreen.C- You rock tapes.M- My love love love transparency!Y- Sharpie paint marker you dope.K – Don’t ever ignore a tiny piece of cardboard.Bonus pic- my “G.B.F” Will and I took a commencement photo few days ago. I just love the awkwardness […]

H.O.T got into IPCNY!

I got an exciting news yesterday from IPCNY. Two pieces of H.O.T got into their New Prints 2011/Summer.All my idols were exhibited from the gallery, so it’s my big honor to be in.Sorry to not post my new work until May, but it will be better you check out them at our thesis show! SVA […]

MFAI thesis show gallery photos

In the opening day. It was blasted!!! Lots of people came and couldn’t even breath for two hours. ha!Project room 1 viewdifferent viewMy work and I! 😀My American “Dad” David Sandlin and I were after finishing installation. Cannot explain how much I thank to David. It’s just endless. My true inspirations!Thanks for coming to the […]

Good starts of 2011!

It took a month I finally have time for blogging! I got some amazing news since the beginning of 2011, and felt like 2011 is going to be the best year! 1. Jan 3rd, 2011 Altpick 7 – First place overall winner in Illustration Series category. 2. Jan 6th, 2011 Society of Illustrators West (SILA) […]