Year: 2013 ~ 2018

AD: Chelsea Cardinal, Andre Jointe, Kristie Bailey, Griffin Funk, Martin Salazar

GQ gave me awesome projects just like them! Working with AD Chelsea, Dear Leader Dreams of Sushi project has been published not only for the USA but also for more than 12 countries all around the world! I also really enjoyed the map project with AD Andrea! I love David Chang and AD Chelsea knew that too!

Dear Leader Dreams of Sushi – The story was about Kenji Fujimoto, the sushi chef who served Kim Jong-il for a number of years., 2013 Link, Blog

10-stop road trip through the heart of Texas football country and portraits of Lil Wayne, Erin Andrews, and Stephen A. Smith., 2014 Link

How to Have a Very Happy Changsgiving, 2014 Link

Manual LA – Simon Miller, Josh Peskowitz, 2015

The Right Way to Get a Tan This Summer, 2016 Link

Eastern Europe is the New Western Europe, 2017 Link

The Coolest City You’ve Never Been To, 2018

The Real Story of the Hawaiian Missile Crisis, 2018 Link