‘Face Swap’ Silkscreen Printings

Finally, the semester ended, and now I have time to update! 🙂
Every Friday afternoon in the last semester, I had an illustration class to teach.
These drawings I made for one of the ‘Tiger reinterpreted projects’ and was actually rejected sketches.
But I planned them to turn into silkscreen prints, so it took 3 months to finish.
I printed five color separations for each piece, including a blending layer on the heavy cotton papers. The meaning of these pieces is ” What is real and what is fake? A girl and a bird whose faces have changed due to the filter effect of the face app. The tree trunks have cell phone cameras and hidden ones. “
Hand-pulled screen prints made me exhausted, but I still believe if I want to be highly satisfied with the result, my own work has to be printed by myself.
So, please enjoy this process.
See you on the next post! 🙂

It’s happening – J.Roh Printshop!

Screen printing is always fun! And now I’m doing it at my own studio in Queens!


Thanks GOD, I have a tiny walk-in closet, and it perfectly became a dark room for exposing a screen!


Let it dry~


Image should be reverse!


Let it drrryyyy again~!


Ready for ink!


One of my favorite images for NYT Op-Ed Link


Pull pull pull!


The results – 10 prints on the kraft papers and 8 on the bubble envelopes for special gifts maybe?


Wash out everything and let them dry for the next project!


Only one t-shirt! 🙂


Bonus – Woodblock print of my self-portrait! lol

Special handmade cards

Every Saturday afternoon, I spent my time at the SVA printshop to do a special project. Here you can see the results below. These are the same size, two to three color silkscreen images.

finalUntitled-1turkeybodysiilkI also collaborated with my sister, Doe Rohan. She is a motion graphic designer, so we decided to make a short moving images for fun!

cobweb_F_LoopturkeyFFHere’s the card photos.

IMG_1972IMG_1933IMG_4162IMG_4165IMG_1969IMG_1975– Special thanks to Sara Varon-

Happy new year of the horse everyone!

Slaughter house process from ‘Every Twelve Seconds’ by Timothy Pachirat – DAY JOB Magazine

DAY JOB Magazine

Here’s a collaboration I did with a talented designer, Elliott Walker (SVA MFA Design 2012).

He’s launching a magazine called DAY JOB that is about everyday working life.

Here is the link of the Kickstarter page.

You can get my limited editions of the risograph steak prints if you pledge $100 or more.

I illustrated the process of the slaughterhouse for the first issue by a professor at the New School, Timothy Pachirat, about his experience working undercover in a slaughter house for 5 months.

Here’s the book, Every Twelve Seconds.

Good luck to Elliott and again, let’s save animals’ lives!!