Ray Ban Soho NYC store, IPCNY and more!

I love winter! but I love summer more maybe because it’s hot and I drew three big beach scenes so far for various clients!  I’ve been wearing Ray Ban sunglasses all my life, and couldn’t enjoy more when I created this fun Justin + Erika project! Thanks to AD Bastien + Marjorie and Publicis Paris agency!

Ray Ban’s fabulous hub in Soho at 116 Wooster st. was finally opened in the middle of November 2015, so if you were in New York area, don’t miss to wander throughout Ray-Ban’s hub! ( and check out my work there too!)


Another news, My Urban Jungle Yogini book was lucky enough to be included in IPCNY‘s Commedia: New Prints 2015/ Autumn! On view is Nov 19,2015 to Jan 16,2016, so after seeing my work at 116 Wooster st., make sure heading to Chelsea’s IPCNY gallery to see my new book with 3D glasses at 508 West 26th st. 5th fl.!


photo credit: Aram Kim

Lastly, here’s my latest editorial pieces!!!


This one was for Newsweek‘s Two Numbers: Bacon Is Carcinogenic, but So Is the Air You Breathe.

Thanks to AD Jessica!JR-band-finalAnd this one was for Eight by eight‘s issue #7! I drew Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, Alex Lalas and Clint Dempsey as an American alternative country band.

Thanks to Priest + Grace again!

JR-5010-finalThe last piece was for The Hollywood Reporter‘s Dec 11 issue! I drew ‘How Healers Became the New Gurus of Hollywood’

Thanks to AD Nicholas!

Hope you enjoy and see you soon!! 🙂



Before Summer goes…

Hello Fall!

I’m back from my long, but mostly work vacation in France, and got a new studio in the Upper East Side, New York. I’d lived seven out of ten years in the UES, and I missed this neighborhood so bad, so finally I’m back! And it feels soooooooo good! Hopefully better work and life will be created here? 🙂

So here’s a set of portraits for Billboard Magazine‘s August #26 ‘Fall music preview’ issue. I hope you figure out who’s who.

Many thanks to AD Patrick!




This one was for Atlanta Magazine‘s September issue, and it’s about Pirch. Pirch became my dream shop ever since I drew this piece!

Thanks AD Tara!


And this photo I got from AD Len from Nautilus Magazine! I’m glad to see they were enjoying my book!

One copy of this books was at last week’s NY Art Book Fair at the MoMA PS1, and was on a Desert Island‘s table! And surprisingly, I heard from Gabe it was sold in 30 min!

I’m glad and wondering who bought my book so quick, so please let me know if you are the one! 🙂




And lastly, here’s my work up on Rockaway’s Bathhouse at Riis Park. Thanks for the nice photos and hope people enjoy there like the same as my work!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Summer 2015 updates!

IMG_6635 I’m currently staying in Montpellier, France until the end of Summer! My cousin kindly invited me to their vacation house, and I’m so satisfied with my glamorous new studio here! Everything is so different with New York, and the weather is amazingly perfect and never humid! I’m working hard as you see in my messy desk, and of course play hard! 🙂11850571_940284875995072_8799984591561046065_oHere’s PCMA Convene magazine’s August issue! I did the cover, interior and spots for their “Best in Show” 2015. Thanks a lot to AD Alissa! Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 4.48.26 PMI wished to go to beach while I drew this, but now dreams came true! JR-4842-final-spots Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 4.41.52 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 4.42.12 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 4.41.11 PM 88_06_box_1JR-Englandbus-finalEight by Eight’s issue #06 was just out, and I drew the Soccer Coach Roy Hodgson& ‪‎English national team‬ on the English red bus! Thanks Priest & Grace!

JennyCover_onnewsstands JR-Bust-final Bust magazine’s previous issue had my illustration in it about a pet shelter. Thanks AD Lauren! 13fd99c44f3f4965afadbd86c62226ac_huge JR-diaz-final This piece was for Grantland Quarterly issue #12! My illo was about Cameron Diaz‬ & The Other Woman. Thanks AD Juliet!

June 2015!

Hello June!

I’m expecting this summer will be awesome, and hope everyone has the same feelings! Here’s some illos I’ve done for May/June 2015.


For the New Yorker for Father’s day’s colum ‘ Father by Tatyana Tolstaya’ Link

Thanks AD Deanna!


For 5280 Magazine about Coloradans who signed up for the Bear Grylls Survival Academy’s 24-hour adult survival course Link

Thanks AD Amanda & Editor Mary Clare for featuring me in the mag!


For Newsweek’s latest issue – Two numbers section about Chris Christie’s huge appetite. Thanks AD Jessica! Link


For Lucky Peach’s MOM month May. I illustrated David Chang’s column again. It was about his grandmas. (it made me think of my grandmas too!) Thanks AD Walter! Link

JR-celtic-final01JR-idea02JR-celtic-final02 The last are Celtic FC’s ‪‎Virgil van Dijk‬ & Emilio izaguirre‬ with AD Ana Benaroya!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂

Alcalde Magazine’s May/June issue cover, opener and more!

I was working pretty hard for the virtual reality project from Alcalde Magazine! Thanks a lot to AD Kate, and here’s the process.


They made the cover as a moving image! looks so good! Link

Alcalde_MayJune15_CoverFinal cover  JR-4737-final05I was working on the masthead to see which one is better.

JR-4737-idea01Idea sketch

JR-4718-finalOpener – In the future, people will wear virtual reality headsets like using cell phones these days.

IMG_4705sketch process   037_AlcMayJun_15036_AlcMayJun_15

Final images

JR-wonderw-finalAnd here’s a Wonder Woman for Grantland. Thanks AD Linsey! Link

IMG_5067An angry wonder woman came to my studio the next day.


This 8×8 image was selected into American Illustration 34! Find my image at the book and the party in November! Link


This is a sneak peek of my new project. Probably I need to say good-bye to Miss Eggplant and say-hello to something NEW soon!

It’s already March!

Time went really fast and I can’t believe it’s already half of the third month of this year!

I couldn’t really resist in the freezing weather of New York, so decided to flee to Korea while Spring came to NYC! And when I got back in JFK this Monday, luckily, no need to wear a down jacket again! yay! mission completed successfully! haha

So here’s new illos I’d like to show you.


For my beloved Grantland about the new movie Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter.

Thanks always Juliet and glad to work with Linsey!


This one was for Grantland too. It was a funny story and Florida man. oh man~~~… Please read!


I drew Bollywood accessories for my friend Ana Benaroya from Chatoon/Doodle Republic again. Thanks Ana!


Miss Eggplant as Kim Kardashian from Paper Magazine, a personal piece.


Forgot to post this piece for Billboard Magazine! Thanks AD Patrick!

And the below shows what I did for a proposal of a book project ‘Essential Stoner’s Guide to the movies’ by David Schmader with Becker and Mayer!. I really enjoyed researching all of them. You must be familiar with some or all.

01From Airplane

02From Airplane 03

From Show Girls


The creepy cat ghost from House


From Night of the Hunter


A plate of White Castle burgers from Harold & Kumar


Some umbrellas flying away from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


From Show Girls




From Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory


**Bonus – Chinky Twinkie and FOB**

Thanks for reading! Let’s have the wonderful rest of March 2015!

Lots of things to blog!

I can’t believe it’s already December 2014, and I became one year older than three weeks ago!!!! Oh my…!!

So I needed to grow up more than the rest years I spent in my life, and illustration is still an essential part of why I living. Coooooool…Thanks.!

Here’s the Nov and early Dec updates, enjoy! shameless_atapwy


A series illo for Seattle Met Magazine’s ‘Shameless in Seattle’ section. I think every Dec issue they have this series. Honorably this year I illustrated! Check out the funny stories here

Thanks AD Sara!


One Friday afternoon, I wanted to off the day early and take the 4pm yoga class. So I took a train to the UES where my beloved yoga studio located.  Few stops later, Matt asked me to do an illo for rush Op/Ed that finals by 7 to 7:30 that day.

I was thinking a bit, and took the opposite line of train and ran back home. Super thrilled moments! haha I thought helping NYT was more worth than one class of yoga. And here’s the result. Link

Thanks AD Matt!


I’ve been a big fan of David Chang maybe since I noticed there’s lots of notable KoAmerican people existed in where I live. And finally I drew him for GQ’s November issue!

I’ll give a credit to AD Chelsea for this great idea! Actually David Chang really kicked a turkey in his video. Link


This illo was super funny that gave me a chance to join the TinderLand! lol Link

Thanks AD Barbara!




On Nov 4th, SVA MFA Illustration department where I graduated three years ago had a ‘We tell stories’ show. Fun talking with old classmates, and good to see all the teachers! The picture shows a random guy, Aram Kim (Class of 2014), David Sandlin and I. Thanks for having Miss Eggplant in the Catalog!


So Aram and I’s November collaboration is here. This story is about when the star looks so big from the far, but it was disappointed when I got closer.


I recently moved to Queens for having my own work studio and home. And here’s the nothing fancy start of my big dream!

Happy early Christmas!!