Two risograph printings of fried shrimp hero!

 Red & Yellow
Red & Yellow
 Fluorescent orange & Yellow
Fluorescent orange & Yellow

Risograph printed from Kookmin Univ. Visual Communication Design print lab. Thanks to 형목반장! 🙂

Silkscreen mini accordion books

If you are wondering what I’ve been up to these days,

  1. Teaching four classes including undergrad and grad students this semester.

  2. They’ve learning how to silkscreen, risograph, linocut, bookbinding, illustrations and making artist books from me.

  3. So I made samples and demonstration videos for the classes.

  4. The newest project I’ve been doing was about ‘Better Together’ and have not been decided the project name yet.

  5. Sorry for the long time no updates!

  6. Enjoy!

Prinker – Temporary Tattoo Solution

If you are wondering what PRINKER is, please watch these videos. (You’ve probably never seen this device before ) It was one of the greatest Korean inventions and only for B2B for now)

I signed a contract with Prinker in Nov 2018 to create 30 tattoo designs, and I’ve been working on the designs since then.

I was interested in developing tattoo images because of my strong line works, but Prinker’s designs needed more than just good drawings.

The designs required to be in a limited size which was a short height, and a long width, (8100pix x 1080pix). Moreover, there’s no pure white and black ink in the device, and colors made out of C,M,Y cosmetic inks.

And the most important/hardest thing was that tattoo designs have to stick out of skin!

So some of them could be switched to new designs, but here are my tattoo designs for Prinker ⬇︎⬇︎⬇︎

 When Prinker was delivered to me it looked like this.
When Prinker was delivered to me it looked like this.
 Lovely box!
Lovely box!

I experimented until I got the right designs, so I’ve tried million times on my skin, my family’s and my students’.

Check out below and happy 2019!! Hopefully Prinker on your skin soon! 🙂

 Bonus - Happy 2019, Linocut
Bonus – Happy 2019, Linocut