The Fairy and the Fried Shrimp – Risograph Zines FINALLY Came Out!

Original Ink drawings

It has been about a year when I decided to make a 16 pages mini-comic zine, and it took exactly one year to came out! I could say that this work began with Covid19 even though the story was nothing related to the virus.

The Fairy and the Woodcutter is a famous traditional Korean folktale. Still, I found there was a lot to think about in the story. So using my new characters, I made a parody. See descriptions HERE

It was my second time making zines in Korea. This time, the zines were produced in a limited number of 100 editions by an expert printer, Corners, in Seoul. – Thanks a lot for the help! 🙂

The sewing machine-stitched 180mm x 253mm booklet used four-colors as Medium Blue, Aqua Blue, Fluo Pink, and Yellow.

Due to Covid 19, there’s only a limited international shipping service I could use. Still, you can purchase the zines directly from me through my SHOP

Hope you enjoy my new zines! Oh, and I LOVE fried shrimp as much as YOU! 🙂

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