It’s already March!

Time went really fast and I can’t believe it’s already half of the third month of this year!

I couldn’t really resist in the freezing weather of New York, so decided to flee to Korea while Spring came to NYC! And when I got back in JFK this Monday, luckily, no need to wear a down jacket again! yay! mission completed successfully! haha

So here’s new illos I’d like to show you.


For my beloved Grantland about the new movie Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter.

Thanks always Juliet and glad to work with Linsey!


This one was for Grantland too. It was a funny story and Florida man. oh man~~~… Please read!


I drew Bollywood accessories for my friend Ana Benaroya from Chatoon/Doodle Republic again. Thanks Ana!


Miss Eggplant as Kim Kardashian from Paper Magazine, a personal piece.


Forgot to post this piece for Billboard Magazine! Thanks AD Patrick!

And the below shows what I did for a proposal of a book project ‘Essential Stoner’s Guide to the movies’ by David Schmader with Becker and Mayer!. I really enjoyed researching all of them. You must be familiar with some or all.

01From Airplane

02From Airplane 03

From Show Girls


The creepy cat ghost from House


From Night of the Hunter


A plate of White Castle burgers from Harold & Kumar


Some umbrellas flying away from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


From Show Girls




From Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory


**Bonus – Chinky Twinkie and FOB**

Thanks for reading! Let’s have the wonderful rest of March 2015!


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