Lots of things to blog!

I can’t believe it’s already December 2014, and I became one year older than three weeks ago!!!! Oh my…!!

So I needed to grow up more than the rest years I spent in my life, and illustration is still an essential part of why I living. Coooooool…Thanks.!

Here’s the Nov and early Dec updates, enjoy! shameless_atapwy


A series illo for Seattle Met Magazine’s ‘Shameless in Seattle’ section. I think every Dec issue they have this series. Honorably this year I illustrated! Check out the funny stories here

Thanks AD Sara!


One Friday afternoon, I wanted to off the day early and take the 4pm yoga class. So I took a train to the UES where my beloved yoga studio located.  Few stops later, Matt asked me to do an illo for rush Op/Ed that finals by 7 to 7:30 that day.

I was thinking a bit, and took the opposite line of train and ran back home. Super thrilled moments! haha I thought helping NYT was more worth than one class of yoga. And here’s the result. Link

Thanks AD Matt!


I’ve been a big fan of David Chang maybe since I noticed there’s lots of notable KoAmerican people existed in where I live. And finally I drew him for GQ’s November issue!

I’ll give a credit to AD Chelsea for this great idea! Actually David Chang really kicked a turkey in his video. Link


This illo was super funny that gave me a chance to join the TinderLand! lol Link

Thanks AD Barbara!




On Nov 4th, SVA MFA Illustration department where I graduated three years ago had a ‘We tell stories’ show. Fun talking with old classmates, and good to see all the teachers! The picture shows a random guy, Aram Kim (Class of 2014), David Sandlin and I. Thanks for having Miss Eggplant in the Catalog!


So Aram and I’s November collaboration is here. This story is about when the star looks so big from the far, but it was disappointed when I got closer.


I recently moved to Queens for having my own work studio and home. And here’s the nothing fancy start of my big dream!

Happy early Christmas!!


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