Back in NYC!

I’m back in NYC from this year’s long trip from Korea to US West Coast.

It was an unforgettable time, and hopefully share my memories & experiences with my future works!

Here’s some works I haven’t been posted up on my blog.


A portrait of Tommy “Tiny” Lister for Grantland Link

JRoh_middleschool_finalTuesday Night Lights: ‘Coach, I’m Allowed to Tackle When I Play Safety, Right?’ for the Grantland Quarterly issue #10JRoh_Ebert_final

A  portrait of Roger Ebert for famous boxing trainer Angelo Dundee’s collection of obituaries. – for Grantland


LL Cool J with Brad Paisley walking down a yellow-brick-road-like road for the song “Accidental Racist” for the Grantland Quarterly issue #9

**Thanks to AD Juliet! **

JR-4413-finalComputer chips and dip for Newsweek published on May 15th. Link

** Thanks to AD Mike**final_revisedfinal-02

Unpublished pieces for the icon of Joyce Wadler who is the writer of “I Was Misinformed.” for the NY Times Style section.

**Thanks to AD Barbara**


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