New York, Cincinnati & San Francisco

JRoh_JC_final03IMG_2031Here’s my fourth piece of one-day quick NY Times Letters illo which was done in about five hours. (Get a call in the morning, sketches by lunch, finals before dinner) I was happy to draw about NFL Super Bowl 2014, and congrats to Seahawks dominated Broncos, 43:8!

Thanks again to AD Alexandra! Link

JRoh_horse_final1559543_240236829483346_1036205869_oThis is a quick NY Times Book Review illo about books of horses. Thanks to AD Nicholas! Link


I worked again for Cincinnati’s spot illos with AD Grace, and here’s six portraits of RUB adopted sons & daughters.


And the below has the beauty products that P&G “OUGHT” to be making – P&G Hometown-proud Products. It was super FUN to create imaginary products!

0102030405061506165_10151914867144327_179599168_oJR-4245-final_fixedLastly, I made a gold medal for the San Francisco Magazine’s Feb issue. Thanks to AD Ron!

Thanks again to all the three different cities’ ADs for the nice directions!!


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