I recently did two interviews.

♥♥There’s a little saying at the end of illustrator Jungyeon Roh’s email signature that reads, “I want to be a genuine, humble, and pure artist.” It’s even book ended by two little hearts. In other words, it’s the kind of thing the Internet loves to rip apart with a few snarky comments…♥♥

♥♥…Except that Jungyeon Roh comes across as so kind, humble, talented and sincere that instead of reaching for the sarcasm you’re wondering if she might want to be your friend. And create some kick-ass illustrations for your next project.♥♥

♥♥Because it’s the art where Roh puts all her bite. She combines a strong voice and powerful storytelling with often eye-popping color. When you look at her work, it’s clear that she has something to say and she knows how to say it. A skill that’s already earned her two gold cubes from the Art Directors Club and appearances in Communication Arts, Print and American Illustration magazines.♥♥

To see rest of the interview click here –  Neenah Paper.

** Special thanks to Michelle Taute**

We interviewed the irreverent New York based illustrator Jungyeon Roh about her work, veganism, and her favorite things to do while in NYC.

Q: Firstly, introduce yourself and describe what you do:
A: I’m a NY based illustrator from Seoul Korea.

Q: When did you move to the United States? What made you decide to move?
A: I moved in 2006. In Summer 2004, I went to Chicago and felt that I found the right place where I always want to live and study. Then preparing for two years in Korea to move to
New York.

Q: What is your process like? Do you have one specific way of working? I had a teacher in school that ate pie while he was working–do you have anything like that?
A: I used blue pencils, not pencils. I ate lots of raw Cashews.

Q: You talk about feeling like a “Goody Two-Shoes” after studying so hard while being in America, I was often accused of the same while in college–now that you’re graduating with your MFA from the School of Visual Arts, what’s the first bad girl or fun thing that you plan on doing?
A: Going to “White Castle.”

To see more of the interview click – Studio Sweet Studio.

**Special thanks to Tuesday Bassen**


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