Portrait of grandpa

This assignment was done for ‘a portrait of a dead person’. I chose to draw my grandpa who died in 2007 just few months later of my grandma’s death.

I was really close with my grandma since I was born, but wasn’t really close with grandpa. But of course I loved him a lot, and hope it appeared in the drawing.

An exciting project I’m working on these days. Lots of researching, brainstorming, and  imaginations! My messy desk with thumbs and idea sketches. Can’t wait to finish!

The MOMA’s ‘German expressionism’ was just for ME! All printmaking works made me keep woooooooowing! very impressive, and motivated me a lot. I pet myself to not miss this amazing exhibition!

My upcoming project is making new book proposals since three publishers suggested me to do that. One of them want me to do a graphic novel, but not sure what kinds of the new book is going to be. Some really over the top ideas in my head, so now I’m happy to plan on them.  🙂


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