This was done for my class assignment right after I started the grad school in 2009.

The theme was ‘Breakfast’, so while my classmates drew pan cakes, waffles, bacons, cups of coffee,( mostly the foods I saw in IHOP commercials) or cereal & milk, I drew these Korean cute dishes.

Do I still eat these as a breakfast?… the answer is simply ‘NO’.

But I still remember until I was in high school, either I ate or not, my mom made these every morning for my dad and I who had to leave very early in the morning.

She never skipped a day, and also my lunch boxes too. ( that’s why I’m too healthy now. ha!)

Thanks mom. 🙂

So, instead of them, here’s what I ate as ‘not a breakfast’ the other day.

So different now… huh? haha… you probably knew which dish was mine. 😀


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