Ball Point Boxers – Women cartoonists drawing on Boxers!

Here you can see the full blog post about this project.

SAW (The Sequential Artists Workshop) is a cartoon school in Gainesville florida started by Tom Hart .

The project was partly for fun, and then he would like to auction/sell the project as a benefit for his new school.

You can donate/ purchase these posters on their website! Also they will sell the drawn t-shirts too.

It’s always more fun to help something out with a talented group, and I TRULY enjoyed!!! ( you can see my face that I couldn’t stop smiling…!)

Thanks so much to SAW and Sara, John and Margarita!

Hope the posters and t-shirts are all sold out soon!


2 thoughts on “Ball Point Boxers – Women cartoonists drawing on Boxers!

  1. Oh, yay!! New blog~!!!! I’ve been thinking about moving to wordpress, too…do you like it better than the blogspot? Anyways, this project looks really really fun. I surely can see you did enjoy a lot. 😀 So good to see sara in the picture, too!!
    And I LOVE your new website design. Really really well made!!!

    • Thanks yo my girl! Now I became 거북 목 to see all the CSS codes, but I’m so happy! Call me a ‘technical girl’ and let me know if you need any help! And yeah… the gym was DOPE! 😀

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