The birth of VEGAN venus- H.O.T

View from my studio.

Last Month’s critique. Half done at that time!

I finally ran out of printing all the separations that I made today. I had a lot fun so far!
Now I have to do more idea sketches for four more pages that I have to entirely change.
AWWWW….. JOSH! and DAVID!!!! boooooooooo!
I was too lazy to make good-looking idea sketches, so then I kept sending crabs to my heroes, and they didn’t even look at it. ha! hahahahaha….
So I made my mind to make at least 3 sketches for each with all my heart in it… 😀
I AM SORRY…. ha….hahahahaha.

This year my second OPT started after May.
When I realized it was my second time to extend to stay in America, I was really sad for a while.
There’s nothing wrong with the second OPT, but it made me miss home. a lot.

In 2009, when I graduated my undergrad school at SVA, There’s a lot of reasons I have to stay in America.
And I was like a dreamy, and some dreams came true fortunately.

Now, in 2011, I found there’s only one reason I have to stay in America.
Only one reason is not good enough, and the one reason is I love what I’m doing here.
So then, I decided to make another important reason to stay in America. or I have to. or I must.
After that, I’ll make ten more reasons.

Have a good break!
I’ll have fun with all my sketches!!… 🙂


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