December’s events!

Dec 3, 2010- I was one of the jury at the 21st members open – Paint in Red. Come to the cocktail reception! My ‘Don’t eat meat’ piece is in the show, and all other works are terrific! Click HERE for more detail. Thanks again for the Society of Illustrators!! xoxo

Dec 4, 2010- HOLY SHIT! I’m one of the panels at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphic Festival this year! I also sell my stuff there, so come by and meet my American Boys!
Dec 6, 2010- MOVADO Group, Inc have named me on a 2010 Movado Future Legend! haha!!! WOW!! So excited for this event!! As a part of the ‘Night of Discovery’ event created by Movado for Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 organization.

Here is the events I’ll be a part of in December.
Of course you are invited to the Dec 3rd’s cocktail party and 4th’s Comic Festival!
Hope you have time to come by and say hello to Miss Eggplant!

Happy Thanksgiving! ( Let’s save turkeys’ lives this year!! )

FYI- The next Townies will be posted on Dec 2nd. 🙂


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