Rabid Rabbit Goes to Hell (Issue #12)

About two months ago, I was asked to be one of contributors for Rabid Rabbit #12 issue!
I love comics and it was only two pages doing as a first time contributor.
It seemed easy as pie for me at first.

However, I’ve ONLY drew, dreamy, lovely, funny, humorous, funky, gross, foods stuff so far, it was the first time to draw scary things for me.
As a Vegan girl, I chose Anti Fur, and made the SCARY~~~ story. haha

It took twice( or three?) times than I usually spent for two page comics before, and made me like a real crazy mad woman like the main character’s face!!!!!
Looking at the reference photos made me really disgust sometimes, and my head had only negative shits.

But, yeah…. as you see, it’s all done!
and I returned to a positive Miss Eggplant again! ( I guess… )
Thanks to Marshall for recommending me to do the honored stuff, and hope my work is good match for the issue!

Side blabbing about Vegan:
” You will pee in your pants when you see how much weight you lose from giving up dairy.” -Skinny Bitch-

Now, I’m experiencing this in reality… Should I be happy? haha…. aw…


2 thoughts on “Rabid Rabbit Goes to Hell (Issue #12)

  1. wow. this reminds me of your old, old piece (now already four years ago?) that you did with the illustration of a rabbit trying human skin on in front of the mirror! Though you were not a vegan at that time, maybe you had this idea all along.

  2. yes, even though I used to crave animals' carcass,my soul might wish to be Vegan at that time… hahaYeah, this comic was inspired of the idea that I did FOUR years ago! Time goes really fast!!! wow… 😛

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