Broadway silkscreen page

I always enjoy doing silkscreen, but the only problem is making me worn out like a sick person at the end of the day.
I’ve printed this page for two days, and felt real pain especially shoulders and arms. (and every single muscles…)
This page is going to be an exhibition to show at Broadway Gallery for the first two weeks of July called London Underground on BROADWAY,
After I finished printing this page, I got an e-mail from the curator Sophie.
She said she wants to use this page for the postcard for the show!!!
What a coincidence!! I’m so happy and hope she likes the changed color.

It is always nice to get along with other people at the print shop, but please please please leave me alone while I’m printing.
I can’t be nice when you are asking some questions while I’m printing because the pigments are dried really quick, and I don’t want to ruin my work.
And I can’t really hear what you are asking because I only listen the sounds of squeeze…
If you’ve done silkscreen before, you might understand what I’m saying.
It is the most sensitive time for me…. 😦

I’m happy with the color came out better than digital work, and hope it fits well with other pages.!!


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