Nurse Jackie Season 2, Ep11

After I got some rest about a month, I tried to work hard again at the studio.
I called/ texted one of my bros Ben to reunion G-spot, but he finally showed up today. ( lazy ASS!)
When Will came to the studio, he made a song such as- G~spot~G~spot~~Lalala~
I said we are ALL GIRLS! 😛
I became too talkative with Ben until Pat complained he didn’t want to listen our conversations.
At the end of the day, Ben found out my prints from Nurse Jackie!!!

I just forgot it for a while, but made me really HAPPY to have a big smile on my face.
They framed really nice, and great match with the funky East Village apartment!
(but Ben said the girl plays slut!… oh…)

I was just surprised that it was ep 11! not, 12…
I might something related with number 11 for sure.
It is probably a lucky number for me.

Thanks for Nurse Jackie and Desert Island again!
I’ve been thinking of my future in America for past few days.
I might be disappointed with something that I disliked about.
But I’m sure I still love New York so much.
And my dreams will come true for sure.

Thanks again! xo


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