Here are the mock-up for brand new web-site MissEggplant.com
I might change little, but so far, my teacher and I really liked it.
I’m thinking of making a Vegan cooking/food blog linked to it.
The new website could be opened over the summer.

I’m glad now I’m drawing the last page of American Boys.
Even though I made a rule, I drew some American Boys randomly or accidently. ( I should have asked in a relationship or not…!!) lol
The boys who were already drawn in the pages all wanted to be the boy in the center-poster size page.
Four boys came to my studio, and asked ” Is this me? Is this me?”….O.M.G… It was too obvious that the boy definitely didn’t look like them. haha
I realized the truth of American Boys= Full of Jealous! 😛
But I’m glad they were willing to be drawn by me even though some boys became really gross… (sorry Jonathan…and Rich, I drew you, but you were E.T…) sorry, but it’s too late to change… 😛



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