There are Philip’s beautiful works inside of Miss Eggplant!
Hi efi! 😀
Hello art geeks!
Today is Wednesday which has Marshall & Carl’s critique class.
My plans are finishing inking until the end of March, and starting coloring in April.
The beautiful weather is mismatch with a geeky girl who has to finish a book by the end of April.

I stopped by a cute vegan bakery Baby Cakes today, and bought four cupcakes!!!
Oh, yes, it made my day!!! ha!

I never feel like or say I am “giving up” my favorite foods to be vegan.
Those words have a negative connotation, like I am sacrificing something.
I am NOT giving up anything, and look at those cute cupcakes!
Their tastes are even better and totally lighter, and I don’t need to feel guilty!
I am simply empowered now and able to make educated, controlled choices about what I will and won’t put my body.
Even if I am spending more on vegan/organic food, I’ll save money in the long run.

Sorry, these days my head only includes 49% of my work, and 49% of vegan things.
That’s why I’m blah blah blah~~

What’s 2%?


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