Rainy Sunday

Once in two weeks, my sister and I clean our apartment.
Last week, I tried to feel lighter physically, mentally, emotionally with fasting for ten days.
Of course, I gave up one and a half day after I starting… sorry… 😦
The reason I tried to do it is keep drawing on the desk EVERYDAY without my personal life made me feel fatty-dork-geek.
But all I can do right now is, giving up fasting and waiting til Summer vacation.
I wish New York’s weather has only Summer.
No wind,rain,snow…. 😦

After finishing cleaning, we usually ate some special food.
Today’s special food was sesame kale!
I tried to imitate Whole Foods’ sesame kale without recipe, but my sister said mine is even better!
But right after she ate some, she baked some turkey bacon for fulfilling her stomach.

I stopped by Desert Island few days ago, and got the Unlovable vol.2!
It made my day!
I love love love it so much! and couldn’t stop laughing while I was reading.
I wish I could make Miss Eggplant book as funny as Unlovable.
But I still need much more efforts.
All I have to do is working hard because “school is my first priority.”


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