Some gifts?

Long time no blogging.
sorry blog.

I currently got some new books that I’ve waited for a long time.

Firstly, I got an AI 28 book which includes my sushi images published last November.
It was loooong waiting for me, and it arrived my mailbox just two days ago.

Second, from my undergrad school’s Illustration 30& Cartooning portfolio 2009.
They gave me 5 books each, and hundreds of tear sheets. I didn’t expect to get them that much, so my arms have extra muscles now… and still sore…

The last one is, Synonym Finder. haha. I’ll memorize all of them, and make you surprise soon!! very soon.

For this semester’s drawing on location book project, I went to Barnes & Noble.
Always I felt bad when I drew people without asking.
I tried to draw a dad and son at the children section, but as soon as the dad noticed that I drew them, he hurried to leave.

Wow… where should I choose for drawing on location?
Willy and Benny said I’m so lazy because I wanted to pick one place in my neighborhood, but…. I don’t know where is the best place.

However, I got the Wild Thing’s monster 75% off price from the B&N.
😀 Awesome?


3 thoughts on “Some gifts?

  1. I have had good luck drawing on the N/W train to Astoria. Barnes and Noble cafe is easier that the bookstore because people sit for a long time reading and eating and are distracted–the one in union square is big and full of people. Across the park, the Whole Foods cafe has a good view of people in union square too.

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