Nurse Jackie & Hotaru no Hikari

Yesterday, I couldn’t even breath well after hard core exercising from the print shop, I got a voice mail.
An unbelievable amazing awesome thing was happened to me because Lauren, who is an art department coordinator of Nurse Jackie in Show time, bought my two prints from the Desert Island!
I shared my good news with my lovely homies and Marshall today, and I signed the agreement.
I’m so excited to see my Buddha’s from American TV show!
Now, I have something to do for Christmas break- watching Nurse Jackie season 1 from Hulu!

Another “awesome” drama series that I recommend to watch you who has no plan for Christmas is Hotaru no Hikari.
The 80% of main character’s life style is the same as mine.
(the main character is too cute unlike me and live with a man, so it can’t be 100%)
The main character is a kind of homebody girl, and met her prince at work.
But the prince is different as her dream in reality.
I watched this series 2 years ago, and still this is my favorite Japanese drama that I’ve ever watched.
Her story is somewhat similar as Miss Eggplant’s. haha

Anyway, Thanks again!
Can’t wait until Season 2 epi 11 of Nurse Jackie! 😀


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