I got an e-mail from Desert Island last night, and the title was ‘good news’.

It said my sushi book was sold last night.
It was a good news, but felt little sad….
I’ve been thinking why I’m so sad at the good news, and realized that I might have thought them as my babies.
I should have made more, but I’ve started working on another project since then, so I have only 10 babies, and they are…

#1- sent to my parents in korea
#2- gave to David Sandlin who is my precious teacher
#3- sent to Printed matter
#4- consigned to desert island, but it was sold…
#5- consigned to Rocket ship
#6- gave to s.
#7- mine for artist proof
#8- damaged
so, now only 2 left…
Should I be excited or sad at this moment?
I might have put my soul when I made them.- could it be the reason?
I should be happy though 😀

2 thoughts on “adoption

  1. cheer up, girl~ it's an awesome news~! I understand what you're feeling though. I hear actually many artists feel really sad when their art works get sold even though it's a good news. it's because as you said, like your own baby. but you're gonna sell more and you're gonna get more used to it. hehe.. anyhow, congrats~^_^

  2. Thanks! my buddy!!You know how much I love you. but still feel melancholy. I wish I could buy your stuff from your online shop!! maybe near future?? hehe

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