2022 – The Year of the Tiger.

From the previous post, you probably saw the work of a tiger’s face made by a robot https://jungyeonroh.wordpress.com/2021/07/13/korean-tiger-series/
I didn’t intend to make a tiger series in 2021, but I suddenly realized that 2022 is the year of the tiger! So I made it letter-pressed version prints for greeting cards.
For the envelopes, I chose gold-ish ones and printed an image by silkscreen.
It still took 80 to 120 days to arrive in the USA, but I’d be thankful if it could be arrived in at least 2022.
If you got the lucky tiger & hawk envelope shipped from Korea, your 2022 has lots of luck! 🙂

Merry Christmas and happy new year! 🙂

‘Face Swap’ Silkscreen Printings

Finally, the semester ended, and now I have time to update! 🙂
Every Friday afternoon in the last semester, I had an illustration class to teach.
These drawings I made for one of the ‘Tiger reinterpreted projects’ and was actually rejected sketches.
But I planned them to turn into silkscreen prints, so it took 3 months to finish.
I printed five color separations for each piece, including a blending layer on the heavy cotton papers. The meaning of these pieces is ” What is real and what is fake? A girl and a bird whose faces have changed due to the filter effect of the face app. The tree trunks have cell phone cameras and hidden ones. “
Hand-pulled screen prints made me exhausted, but I still believe if I want to be highly satisfied with the result, my own work has to be printed by myself.
So, please enjoy this process.
See you on the next post! 🙂

Tokyo 2020 drawings!

The Tokyo Olympics, which was scheduled to be held in 2020, was held in the summer of 2021 due to the covid19. During the Olympics, I painted the highlights of the day with blind contour drawings and watercolors while I cheered for the Korea team. I also collected headlines from JoongAng Ilbo that are delivered to my home every day and archived them together.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic blind contour drawings

I’ve wanted to draw every day since I did a 30days project [myself] last year. I found that I need to loosen it up to keep it going every day. So, I chose ‘blind contour drawings’ because it’s unintentionally charming and so fun!

Here are my Tokyo 2020 Olympic blind contour drawings with watercolors, and I post them every day @jungyeon_roh on Instagram. Please check out! 🙂

Bonus – Me & my dog coco!

In-flight vegan meals

Veganism is becoming common in Korea now. When I was vegan 10 years ago, not only family and friends, but also anyone around me didn’t support my decisions. (some probably thought I was very picky…!) Did anyone know I even made a vegan book in 2011? See the book HERE

My conclusion of two and a half years of being a very strict vegan can be good for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but having a smooth social life is difficult. Of course, there’s lots of karma coming back for saving animals’ lives. Also cleansing my body was the best, but have to give up lots of things at the same time.

The picture was taken on a plane to the United States five years ago. – I unintentionally found these photos and realized that I want to travel right now!!!

I can’t wait for the day when the Pandemic is over, and I can eat the in-flight vegan meal again. 🙂

Korean Tiger Series

This semester was literally “crazy”. I have SEVEN undergrad and grad classes to teach and took THREE ones to attend. I was asked to teach 8 classes but couldn’t really have time for it… 😦

Time flies really fast because I entered Seoul National University’s Doctor of Design program when Covid19 started in 2020, and now is only one semester left. Even though it was the busiest semester since I came back to Korea, but it’s good to keep myself busy! 🙂

So, as I wrote in this blog before, we have summer and winter breaks in a year. (two months each) The summer breaks usually started in mid-June, but I had a schedule for an exhibition from July 5th to 9th, 2021. The exhibition was an end-of-semester show for my Ph.D. program, and the title was Re-New Old. My classmates and I researched about personal interests in Korean traditions and reinterpreted them as works for a semester. I studied ‘Korean Tiger,’ especially focused on my ancestors’ paintings and folk paintings. So here’s my Korean tiger reinterpretation series and sketches.

🐅 Series Descriptions: Korea used to be the best habitat for tigers due to its mountainous nature. It has been told countless tiger stories since Dangun mythology. However, the tiger’s habitat was filled with human selfishness and cruelty, and the tiger became extinct. In this work, I recreated a tiger with magpies, hawks, and rabbits, which are meaningful in preventing and protecting bad energy. There is also simply a meaning of humor.

🐅Korean Tiger Series 01-Magpie🍃

🐅The first work features a tiger descending from the mountain with magpies and pine trees. The extinct tiger was reborn as a ‘building .’ The meaning of ‘building’ in modern Korea can be interpreted in many ways. Whether a tiger can be used for business or not, the state-of-the-art buildings with the appearance of a tiger are left to their own interpretations. In my ancestor’s ‘Tiger and Magpie’ composition, magpies seem to open their mouths and say something, but magpies are closing their mouths toward the fake tiger in this work. Pine trunks, branches, and needles were used in the background.

🐅Korean Tiger Series 02 – Falcon

🐅The second work is The Tiger and Three Hawks. In the past, my ancestors made prints of tigers and hawks to be used as a talisman. Usually, three hawks were drawn to symbolize the three disasters caused by wind, water, and fire. In this work, the tiger king of the earth and the hawk king of the sky were drawn together to enhance its meaning. Only the tiger’s face was drawn, implying its symbolism. The explosion was overloaded by the development of modern technologies. Eventually, a fake tiger with a tiger face explodes and reveals itself as a robot, spilling oil. The flowers on the upper right represent Columbine as decorative elements.

🐅Korean Tiger Series 03 – Rabbit

🐅 The third work is The Smoking Tiger and the Rabbits. There’s a lot of Korean folktales that start with ” a long, long time ago, when a tiger smokes…”. One of the tales said that tigers smoke in caves because they cannot go hunting on rainy days. Rabbits are also afraid of being eaten by tigers in the fable, but they trick and tease tigers all the time. The mural of a rabbit with a silly tiger can be interpreted humorously. In my work, a stitched sitting tiger is smoking with a gombangdae which is a Korean cigarette, and rabbits are around. The background has a pine forest. The most valuable thing about tigers is ‘leather,’ so the stitches symbolize ‘veganism’ that protects animal rights through this work.

👇Enjoy Re-New Old show below!

What is real and what is fake? In modern society, we don’t really know the truth or fake according to the development of technologies and social media. A girl and a bird whose faces have changed due to the filter effect of the face app. The tree trunks have cell phone cameras and hidden ones.

It took a semester and more days to prepare for the show, so I was on vacation mode as soon as I finished the installation! So I ran to the Lotte museum to see Kim Jung-gi’s exhibition ‘The Other Side’, which is on view until July 11th, 2021 and went to one of the famous Pyung Yang Naeng Myun restaurants in Gang Nam.

For Kim Junggi’s, I was surprised that I thought he was born in the US or studied there. However, he was ORIGINALLY from Korea and never studied in America. I really loved his early works as much as his live drawings! People said he is a drawing genius, but I believe that all the fantastic live drawing skills came from countless practices, as he spoke. 

I was glad that Lotte Museum curated a contemporary Korean artist. This can be a good start to introducing incredible local artists to people. 

I wish to have a solo show like him there one day! 🙂 

Bonus Pic – I tried Jinmee Pyungyang Naengmyun the same day! The place is nearby where I live, but I couldn’t really stop by, but finally! This restaurant was introduced by the TV show ‘Be Melodramatic’ from Jtbc, one of my favorite latest TV shows. The taste? I can’t leave Korea because of THIS!!! 🙂

LA Times & More!

March 2nd is the first day of the spring semester start date in Korea. (Korea has Spring and Fall semesters only, spring semester called 1st semester, and fall called 2nd. We have summer and winter breaks for 2 months each.)

Before I started the semester, I got a job from LA Times about ” Why does dating at 67 feel like high school all over again?” by Martha Carr. The story was hilarious, and I could capture the feelings clearly. Martha, the author, left me a thank note after it was published. – so lovely of her! 🙂

This semester is pretty exciting because I’m taking a Printmaking class and Art & law class from Seoul National Univ., where I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree. I’ve wanted to learn more about Art’s law, especially in the past years, while working with hundreds of clients. – so hopefully, it helps!

Oh, you might wonder about what’s my new zine’s doing. The zines are sold at some independent bookstores in Korea. Also, for the States, it was supposed to be sold at Desert Island Brooklyn. However, the package was not delivered properly, so I’m still waiting to solve the problems… – (Please ask Gabe!) – Updated on 3/10/2021 Problem solved! Go and get my new zines at Desert Island Brooklyn! 🙂

Anyways, so here’s the book store list where you can find my “The Fairy and the Fried Shrimp” (I didn’t know Korea has sooooooooo many independent book stores before I made the zines.)

Consignment Stores:


Desert Island Brooklyn

South Korea

노말에이 (Normal A)

스토리지북앤필름 해방촌 (Storage Book & Film – Haebangchon)

스토리지북앤필름 강남 (Storage Book & Film – Gang-nam)

아인서점 (Ain Books)

더북소사이어티 (The Book Society)

책방심다 (Simda Books)

오프투얼론 (Off to Alone)

**Bonus Pics**

Take care in these crazy times, and talk soon! 🙂

The Fairy and the Fried Shrimp – Risograph Zines FINALLY Came Out!

Original Ink drawings

It has been about a year when I decided to make a 16 pages mini-comic zine, and it took exactly one year to came out! I could say that this work began with Covid19 even though the story was nothing related to the virus.

The Fairy and the Woodcutter is a famous traditional Korean folktale. Still, I found there was a lot to think about in the story. So using my new characters, I made a parody. See descriptions HERE

It was my second time making zines in Korea. This time, the zines were produced in a limited number of 100 editions by an expert printer, Corners, in Seoul. – Thanks a lot for the help! 🙂

The sewing machine-stitched 180mm x 253mm booklet used four-colors as Medium Blue, Aqua Blue, Fluo Pink, and Yellow.

Due to Covid 19, there’s only a limited international shipping service I could use. Still, you can purchase the zines directly from me through my SHOP

Hope you enjoy my new zines! Oh, and I LOVE fried shrimp as much as YOU! 🙂

The fairy and the fried shrimp – Digital version

I’ve been worked on this 16-page comic over 2020 when starting Covid19. I love independent comics, especially limited hand-made print editions, so I intended to make my new comic as self-published zines. One of my ambitious projects that have all eatable characters will be printed with four-color Risograph, editions of 100 coming out next week!
Even though I had the craziest teaching schedule in 2020, quarantine and virtual classes helped me to have some extra time to work.
It’s nothing about Covid19, but I hope my new mini-comic gave you some healing time to see.
I’ll let you know where you can get the copies once they’re out! So talk soon! 🙂

“The Fairy and Fried Shrimp” is a parody of “The Fairy and the Woodcutter,” which glorifies all kinds of crimes such as voyeurism, theft, confinement, rape, and stalking.
I hope through this work, the conventional wisdom of our society women should be sacrificed for granted will make us think again. The condensed milk monster symbolizes backstabbers. 

Page 01. There was a happy single fried shrimp who owned a noodle bar. One day, he helped a condensed milk monster who was about to starve to death. As a show of gratitude, the condensed milk monster informed the fried shrimp of a nearby pond where fairies came down from heaven to bathe one Saturday afternoon.  

Page 02. On the Saturday afternoon, the fried shrimp drove his food truck to the top of the mountain.  

Page 03. When he went up to the top of the mountain, the fairies were taking a bath. He was surprised by the beautiful fairies!  The condensed milk monster told him that he would marry one of the fairies by hiding the fairy’s pretzel. – her only means of flight.  He could then come to the rescue of the stranded fairy. However, everything was to be kept secret from his wife until they had at least three children. So he decided to steal one of them. When the fairies came to pick up the pretzel after the bath, they noticed that a fairy’s pretzel was missing.

The other two fairies went up to heaven, and the remained fairy was crying alone. The fried shrimp was watching all these pleasantly.  

Page 04. The fried shrimp hid the fairy’s pretzel behind his back, approached the crying fairy, and pretended to help her by giving her a blanket.
And then he took her to the food truck and served a bowl of delicious fried shrimp noodles.
The fairy, who was crying at first, tried fried shrimp noodles and fell in love with the taste and ate them all. (The fried shrimp was satisfied with her reaction.) 

Page 05. Finally, the fried shrimp succeeded in driving down from the mountain with the fairy. When they arrived, he introduced the fairy’s new home, the noodle bar. 

Page 06. Three years have passed, the fried shrimp and the fairy had two children. However, she looked out of the window every day, suffering from postpartum depression, and cried while missing her hometown. The fried shrimp had to do both childcare and housework.

After all, the fairy wailed loudly, saying, “I can’t stand it anymore!” The fried shrimp was surprised to see it.

Page 07- 08. Fried shrimp felt sorry and thought it was all his responsibility. Without any other choice, he took out the flying pretzel he had hidden in the safe to the fairy. 

As soon as the fairy received the flying pretzel, she immediately wore it on her head, took the children, and flew delightedly to heaven.
The fried shrimp wailed and clung to not go, but it was too late…

Page 09. From that day, fried shrimp did not take care of the noodle bar for a year and spent every day drinking soju with grief and shock.

And then, one day, a yogurt-shaped drone came down from the sky. The drone said the fairy sent him down to the fried shrimp and asked him to go up to heaven together.

The condensed milk monster was secretly watched the whole scenes from behind the noodle bar. 

Page 10. Fried shrimp went up to the sky with the yogurt drone and was reunited with his family again. All his family members greeted him with tears.

Page 11. After such a happy reunion, the fried shrimp family had a happy time in heaven.

But the fried shrimp, who had only eaten food made of clouds in the sky for more than 100 days, began to worry about the restaurant that left without taking care of on the ground. Also, he really wanted to eat his fried shrimp noodles so much. 

Eventually, the fried shrimp told the fairy that he would quickly check to the store and return. The fairy was agreed and gave him the yogurt-shaped drone. She told him he has to be back within 24 hours and never be wet by water.

The fried shrimp went down to the ground with a drone excitedly.

Page 12. After arriving at his noodle bar, fried shrimp first started cleaning up the store that had not been taken care of. He straightened the crooked sign on the roof and wiped the windows. Until then, the drone had been sleeping on roofs. After all the cleaning, he cooked a bowl of fried shrimp noodles for himself and enjoyed it. He didn’t even know it was raining outside.

Meanwhile, the drone, alone on the roof, could not escape the rain and eventually got utterly wet with rain showers.

Page 13. The drone, which was smart but was infinitely small and powerless in front of nature, eventually broke down in the rain.

The fried shrimp belatedly realized the situation, jumped out, but the drone had already broken down completely.

After that, while the lonely fried shrimp cried to the moon each night, he became a chicken. 

Page 14. In the meantime…
The condensed milk monster looked on and was inspired by the tale that had unfolded. Based on the story, he developed a tasty chicken and shrimp noodle soup that became the world’s no.1 instant ramen, and he became a millionaire doing it. 

Who is the biggest beneficiary of all these, and who is the victim…?